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Sash Windows

Developments in recent years have meant that double-glazing no longer needs to detract from the appearance of a character home. Victorian and Edwardian detail on sash windows including original moldings, horn styles and architrave detail can be faithfully reproduced to ensure that your home retains its original character.

Sash Windows

Our windows are constructed in well-seasoned hardwood sourced from suppliers who conform to the guidelines for the sustainable management of tropical forests. The natural oils present in these dense and durable hardwoods make it less prone to take on moisture. This minimizes expansion and contraction which start the vicious cycle of paint splitting and penetration of even more moisture. In addition, we use Teknos microporous paint which allows the wood to breathe so that it is less likely to crack and peel. Softwoods can also be used successfully if preferred, but will need more rigorous maintenance, i.e. regular cleaning and painting.

Each window is draught proofed using polypropylene brushes rebated into the windows at all points vulnerable to draught. Not only do these eliminate draughts, they also help to make sash windows slide with ease.

A range of glazing options is available according to your particular needs, offering solutions to reduce noise and increase insulation. All glass is sourced from Pilkington and is of the highest quality. A spacer bar that blends with the window separates the two sheets of glass and the overall dimensions of the sealed unit can vary from 24mm - 26.8mm. The wider the spacer, the greater the impact on insulation and noise reduction. All glazing solutions offered are compliant with stringent building regulations currently in operation.

Alternatively, it is also possible to replace the sashes only, retaining the original box. However, because the space that can be accommodated is smaller, the overall impact in terms of heat loss and noise reduction will be less than when the whole box is replaced.

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