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Energy Window

Modern Technology Benefits

Reduce heat loss...

The new WER (Window Energy Rating) system rates energy on a scale of A to G. Windows that are rated C and above are recognised by the Energy Efficiency Trust. Pilkington K glass, both soft and hard coat, fall into the C performance band.

Using Pilkington K glass in conjunction with other glazing upgrades can give further advantages and a higher WER. These upgrades include*:

  • Use of argon gas filling
  • Use of warm edge spacer technology
  • Use of Pilkington Optiwhite as the outer pane

In comparison with conventional aluminium spacers, Thermix TX.N spacers minimize the thermal bridge at the glass edge. Temperatures are much higher ("warm edge") and precious heat stays inside the room. The risk of condensation and mould formation is minimized.

Thermix Spacers

Reduce noise...

In situations where there is excessive noise from road, rail or air traffic the use of Pilkington OptilamPhon acoustic, laminted glass offers excellent noise reduction. It is available in 6.8 to 16.8mm thicknesses and can produce noise reduction of up to 48Db.

* All our windows include argon gas filling and use of warm edge spacer technology. Pilkington Optiwhite is an optional extra.

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